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Your Selected Reads - behaviorXproduct

Your Selected Reads - behaviorXproduct
By Rohit Kaul • Issue #17 • View online
Did you realize that 4/5th of 2020 is already gone and now we are less than 2 months away from 2021? When COVID-19 started, it seemed almost impossible to make it through 2020 and now we are marching steadily towards the end of it. It’s truly been a watershed year, both globally and personally (for good and terrible reasons).
Today, I will break the pattern of going into the details of this newsletter’s content in the intro and instead talk about a few important updates. But before I go further, a special shout out to the 172 new readers who joined us last week 🎉.
Same goodness, twice a week
Starting from next week, I will be sending you two newsletters. On Wednesday you will receive the ‘Wednesday Briefing’ with curated links, Be Short and updates on Behavioral Science ecosystem. On Friday, you will get the ‘Friday Insights’, that will focus on original insights and essays. You can scroll down to the end of the newsletter find out the first piece of content that will be part of the Friday Insights.
Yes, I know that the names are quite unimaginative 😐. Help me come up with something unique by replying to this mail?
A new section - TLDR
Starting this week, there is a new section in this newsletter that will have the content piece that I found most interesting in the last one week. I am calling it TLDR. Of course, I do hope that you don’t only read TLDR but go through the rest of the newsletter as well 😁
Another new section - State of Mind
Yes, it is raining new sections 🌧. This one is rather straightforward. It is called ‘State of Mind’ which is a simple image that shows my current state of mind. Yes, that’s it. 😃
And now after this very, very long intro, let’s dive into the newsletter. But before that, if you were forwarded this email, please do consider joining ~1500 smart product designers, behavior scientists and marketing professionals who read behaviorXproduct every Wednesday in their inboxes by clicking here.

State of Mind
Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash
Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash
Samuel Salzer, who runs the incredible newsletter Habit Weekly, introduced the inaugural Habit Weekly Awards last week to mark the 2nd birthday of his newsletter and to celebrate all the wonderful content creators who make our field better.
Thousands of people voted and the results are now out. If you want to know who are some of the best podcasters, behavior science organizations, YouTubers, etc. do check out the article below.
PS: It was beyond incredible for me to be featured in the awards category of ‘Content creators to follow on LinkedIn/ newsletters’ along with some of the most iconic names in this field.
Inspiration for the week ahead
4 Ways to Achieve Simplicity in Your Designs
How Typefaces Shape American Politics (Video)
The man who taught Uber how to say sorry
Behavioural Design Case Study: Headspace
Applying Robert Cialdini's Principles in the Real World with Brian Ahearn - Roger Dooley (Podcast)
Be Short of the Week
Pro Tip - Click on the image to download it to your device
Pro Tip - Click on the image to download it to your device
One More Thing
Here’s what you will start getting in your inbox starting next Friday (13th Nov) as part of the ‘Friday Insights’ newsletter. It’s a podcast titled - ‘What The Research’. More on this in the next issue of behaviorXproduct.
Keep watching this space for more
Keep watching this space for more
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Some Feedback Please?
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Thanks so much for reading (and the feedback!). Till next time.
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