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Your Selected Reads - behaviorXproduct

Your Selected Reads - behaviorXproduct
By Rohit Kaul • Issue #16 • View online
Hope your week is going well. Welcome to another edition of behaviorXproduct, hot off the press 🔥. A special shout out t0 the 120 new readers who joined us last week!
In this edition we have some amazing write-ups from some of the best minds in Behavior Science field:
Kristen Berman, co-founder of Irrational Labs, talks about using Mental Models as a tool to make your app more sticky,
A case study on how the Govt of Cape Town in South Africa used Behavior Science to beat its extremely severe water crisis,
How you can use Mere Exposure effect in your website to boost conversion,
Katy Milkman from Wharton interviews Annie Duke on a toolkit to make smart decisions, and
How self-nudging can create an elegant way to alleviate effectiveness and ethical concerns related to nudging.
All of this plus a Be Short on the Bike Shed effect.
So let’s dive in. But before that, if you were forwarded this email, please do consider joining 1200+ smart product designers, behavior scientists and marketing professionals who read behaviorXproduct every Wednesday in their inboxes by clicking here.

Inspiration for the week ahead
The product manager’s Day 1
How Cape Town Used Behavioral Science to Beat Its Water Crisis
6 Conversion Principles You Can Learn From The Mere-Exposure Effect
Making Good Decisions: A Toolkit
Creating Citizen Choice Architects
Here's the Feedback I got
Every issue of the newsletter has a link to get your feedback on how much are you liking (disliking) behaviorXproduct and what can I do better.
Quite stoked to share that over 80% of readers find the newsletter useful most of the times. So I guess I am doing something good here 🙂.
More importantly, there are 3 recurring themes in the qualitative feedback:
  • Most readers like the straight-forward, slightly funny descriptions of the articles as it makes it easier for them to skip to the ones they want to read
  • Readers want to read more articles on practical aspects, case studies, how-to-implement than theoretical pieces
  • Be Short seems to be a clear favorite due to its brevity
This feedback is very helpful as it is guiding me towards the next logical step in this newsletter’s journey. I will keep you posted on how it unfolds.
Be Short of the Week
Pro Tip: Save this image on your device by clicking on it.
Pro Tip: Save this image on your device by clicking on it.
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Some Feedback Please?
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Thanks so much for reading (and the feedback!). Till next time.
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