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Your Selected Reads - behaviorXproduct

Your Selected Reads - behaviorXproduct
By Rohit Kaul • Issue #15 • View online
Here’s another brand new edition of behaviorXproduct, hot off the press 🔥. A special shout out t0 the 115 new readers who joined us last week!
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Now, getting back to the newsletter, in this edition we have -
Colin Strong (head of behavioral research at Ipsos) emphasizing on the right way to use food labeling strategy to promote healthy eating,
Adam Ferrier (acclaimed author and founder of Thinkerbell agency) demystifying what is the Pratfall Effect & how marketers can use it,
A rather contrarian take on why ‘increasing’ friction in products can sometimes make them more useful,
How having more expensive products in your portfolio can boost revenue, even if the expensive products don’t sell well themselves
and a super quirky video on ‘why characters on cereal boxes look downward’ 🙀
All of this plus a Be Short on Mere Exposure effect.
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Inspiration for the week ahead
Food for thought
Why do characters on cereal boxes look downward? (Video)
The Surprising Upside of Expensive Products That Don’t Sell
When design friction is a good thing
Adam Ferrier on 'Batman, Churchill and Zuckerberg on Behaviour Change' (Video)
Be Short of the Week
Do you think James is a better life partner for you because you tend to see him at every single party on campus though his personality traits aren’t fully aligned with yours?
We have a bias towards liking things with which we are more familiar. More in today’s Be Short.
Pro tip: Click on the image to download it on your device
Pro tip: Click on the image to download it on your device
Pro tip: Click on the image to download it on your device
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Thanks so much for reading (and the feedback!). Till next time.
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