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October Recap of behaviorXproduct (from Seeking North)

October Recap of behaviorXproduct (from Seeking North)
By Rohit Kaul • Issue #18 • View online

A warm welcome to the Monthly Reader Update. Let’s look at how things worked out (or did not work out) in October
If this is the first time you are getting this Monthly Reader Update, it is like a monthly investor update that founders send to their investors. For me, you are my investor as you are investing your time in Seeking North’s success. So let’s dive right in!
⚡ October highlights
Let’s start with some incredibly exciting milestones the newsletter hit in October
  • We crossed 1000 subscribers in October 🎉, which is one of the first big milestones for me. Now I am only 9,99,000 readers away from a million subscribers. So it’s up, up and away time 🚀
  • 577 amazing new readers joined the Seeking North and behaviorXproduct community in October. In my September update I had mentioned that I will be happy if the subscriber base goes up by 400 in October. So 577 new readers definitely made my heart fill with joy 🥂. It is such a great feeling to know that more and more reader are finding the content of value and relevance for them
  • Lastly, our very own Samuel Salzer, who runs the incredible newsletter Habit Weekly, introduced the inaugural Habit Weekly Awards last week to mark the 2nd birthday of his newsletter and to celebrate all the wonderful content creators who make our field better. It was simply surreal to see my name nominated in the ‘Content creators to follow on LinkedIn/ newsletters’ category, right next to some of the most iconic names in the Behavioral Science space
So all in all, October was a very happy month for Seeking North and behaviorXproduct and I am hoping that November will be even better 🥳
🛠 Some retooling
October also saw some retooling in the way I reach out to you. Instead of sending multiple emails, now everything is consolidated in one weekly newsletter, behaviorXproduct (from Seeking North), that you get every Wednesday. This is based on the feedback I got from some readers about the frequency of emails and utility of receiving additional emails every week. I hope this has made it easier for you to find relevant content.
I also mentioned in the last issue of behaviorXproduct that I will now be starting another weekly newsletter that will come to you every Friday. So, the Wednesday one will be curated links, Be Short and exciting updates from Behavior Science ecosystem and Friday one will focus on original insights. More on this in the next edition of behaviorXproduct newsletter.
👓 Your feedback
I have been running a feedback section in the last few newsletters to understand what is working and what can be improved. Most readers have been kind enough to share their feedback with me.
Happy to see that 80% of readers find behavioXproduct newsletter have mentioned that ‘they find the newsletter useful most of the times’ (Image below).
There are also three consistent themes in the qualitative feedback for behaviorXproduct:
  • Most readers like the straight-forward, slightly funny descriptions of the articles as it makes it easier for them to skip to the ones they want to read
  • Readers want to read more articles on practical aspects, case studies, how-to-implement than theoretical pieces
  • Be Short seems to be a clear favorite due to its brevity
The new newsletter on Friday is based on this feedback and I hope that you will find it of value!
🔍 Looking forward to November
Here are two things I am really looking forward to in November:
  • The Seeking North community reaches the 2000 readers mark 🤞
  • Launch of the new Friday newsletter with original insights and new content format
It’s really exciting to have you with me on this exhilarating journey. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to make behaviorXproduct better, please feel free to reply to this mail & let me know.
Here’s to more Behavior Science goodness in the months to come. Signing off with this amazing image from Unsplash.
Photo by Eileen Pan on Unsplash
Photo by Eileen Pan on Unsplash
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