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BXP Weekly Newsletter

BXP Weekly Newsletter
By Rohit Kaul • Issue #28 • View online
As the year is coming to an end, I wanted to start today’s newsletter by saying ‘what an year it has been’ but then I realised it will be same as saying that the Sun is hot and the earth is round (no, really it is). So instead of that, I will say ‘here’s looking forward to a cracker of 2021’. 2020 was significant for me in more ways than one - Family size grew by 1, started writing about Behavioral Science publicly, was mostly safe and healthy through the year and was privileged enough to be able to work from home for most part.
I hope you have slogged your way through 2020 with good health and are able to end the year with high spirits. However, if the year was like a low blow to you, then just hang on as the bright morning Sun comes only after the darkest of nights.
In case you are taking time off from work, emails, messages and everything, next week to spend time with your loved ones, here’s wishing you a terrific 2021!
However, if you will be checking your mails next week, I will be sharing a few things I learnt from starting the BXP Weekly Newsletter next week (instead of the usual format of curated reading material). And then I will get one more chance to wish you a happy 2021 😀.

State of Mind
Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash
Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash
Diversifi is a group of Behavior Science practitioners from all across the world. They recently released an awesome compendium that has a mix of case studies, opinion pieces and work summaries from some of the brightest global minds in the field of Behavior Science.
The compendium includes write-ups on the importance of psychology in marketing, using behavior science to solve the problem of urban trash, impact and response to COVID-19, how Zoom disrupted communications industry by focusing on reducing friction and many more.
It is also designed in a minimally expansive manner (yes, an oxymoron but that’s the best way to describe it) and the marketer in me really liked the impactful design. A good weekend read that you should definitely check out by visiting Diversifi website here.
BXP Insider Community
Here’s a quick reminder 😀 to check out the BXP Insider Community (click here). And here are two good reasons to consider joining it before 25th Dec, if you have been on the fence.
Reason #1: New content is being added every week including book notes from some of the most interesting Behavior Science books, What The Research Podcast that converts awesome research studies into actionable and more.
Reason #2: You will get 60 days of trial period if you join on or before 25th Dec, post which the trial period resets to 30 days.
The trial period makes checking out content on BXP Insider is completely risk-free. You can check out the current content stream here.
Inspiration for the week ahead
Twitter tests 'humanization prompts' in effort to reduce toxic replies
Want to Win Someone Over? Talk Like They Do.
Are Nudges Cost-Effective?
How Money Can Buy Happiness (Video)
Be Short of the Week
PRO TIP - Click on the image to download it to your device
PRO TIP - Click on the image to download it to your device
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You can check out all the past issues here: Link to access the past issues
Hope you enjoyed reading this issue of Weekly Newsletter. Till next time 👋
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