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BXP Weekly Newsletter

BXP Weekly Newsletter
By Rohit Kaul • Issue #27 • View online
Hope all is well. First some good news - The vaccine has started rolling out in the US, UK and a few other countries. So Yoohoo for the amazing scientists who cracked it. Keeping my fingers firmly fingers crossed for this one 🤞🏼.
In other news, I have been thinking a lot about BXP Insider that I recently launched. Many of you have been kind enough to subscribe to it. The question I am grappling with is - what is the ‘right’ reason for something like this to exist. My vision for it is to create ‘the place’ where practitioners who want to use Beh Sci in their work (marketing, HR, product, etc.) hang out. But I am not sure if the current content is doing justice to this vision. I think a different approach may be needed here.
Do let me know what you think about it if you are already a member and if you aren’t yet, you can check it out here and let me know your views please.

State of Mind
Photo by Carl Jorgensen on Unsplash
Photo by Carl Jorgensen on Unsplash
Nudge Your Customers Toward Better Choices Using Defaults
Some more defaults ?
I also published a new podcast episode on What The Research podcast on… well, defaults. In this episode I covered a meta-analysis that answered two key questions - (a) Do defaults work as a nudging intervention (b) What are the factors that affect the efficiency of defaults.
The researchers found that:
  • At an aggregate level, defaults have a medium sized positive effect, showing that defaults work as a nudging technique but there was some amount of unexplained variability in their efficiency
  • Except domain (Health, Environmental and Consumer), other factors such as country, presentation, response mode, etc. do not have any significant impact on the efficiency of defaults
  • Endorsement and Endowment have a significant impact on defaults and Ease has little impact
Do check out the episode if you want to know more. This episode is for the subscribers of BXP Insider community. You can join here now for a 60 days free trial period.
Inspiration for the week ahead
The science of behaviour change
Social media, social norms, and the question of plastic bags
3 ridiculously simple behavioral economics hacks to keep more customers from leaving in 2021
The surprising truth about what motivates us (Video)
Be Short of the Week
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PRO TIP - Click on the image to save it to your device
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