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BXP Weekly Newsletter

Something new is brewing behind the scenes and I am very excited about it. I will be sharing more details soon. Stay tuned 😇


BXP Weekly Newsletter Library (with over 100 hand-picked Behavior Science resources)

Hey there,The weekend is here and don't you think this is the right time to fall down the Behavior Science rabbit hole? 😇Here's the perfect way to do it. Over the last many months, I have shared over 100 stories, articles, podcasts, videos, case studies, rese…


BXP Weekly Newsletter

Hey there, sorry for interrupting 🤗. As I said in the intro, if you like BXP Weekly Newsletter, you can support me by 'buying me a coffee' quite literally on my Buy Me a Coffee support page here. Please leave your Twitter handle or your name in the comments t…


BXP Weekly Newsletter

Before we stepped into 2021, I sat down (virtually of course) with prolific writer, podcaster and content creator Vishal Kataria on the Vishipedia podcast.We had a freewheeling discussion on how to create trust in organisations, what is motivation, the theory…


BXP Weekly Newsletter

Diversifi is a group of Behavior Science practitioners from all across the world. They recently released an awesome compendium that has a mix of case studies, opinion pieces and work summaries from some of the brightest global minds in the field of Behavior S…


BXP Weekly Newsletter

I also published a new podcast episode on What The Research podcast on... well, defaults. In this episode I covered a meta-analysis that answered two key questions - (a) Do defaults work as a nudging intervention (b) What are the factors that affect the effic…


BXP - Weekly Newsletter

Over the last few days, the members of BXP Insider community have enjoyed reading a new toolkit with 19 actionable features to build a behavior change app like Headspace or Duolingo,listening to a podcast on what causes Choice Overload effect, andbrowsing thr…


In Case You Missed It

Hello,Hope you had a great weekend.I just thought I will again share with you that I have recently launched BXP Insider community, a place for Behavior Science folks to hang out and learn together.Joining BXP Insider gives you instant, exclusive benefits like…


BXP - Weekly Newsletter

I am so happy to share with you that I have launched the BXP Insider Community this week and early access is now available. You can check out the BXP Insider Community here .Joining the BXP Insider Community gets you the following exclusive benefits:A members…


Unscheduled Maintenance Activity - behaviorXproduct

Hello,Unfortunately I will not be publishing BXP newsletter this week. So you will not get the Wednesday Briefing and Friday Insights newsletters this week. There are some 'under-the-hood' changes happening that are taking more time than I imagined. Yes, I ha…


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You can check out all the past issues here: Link to access the past issues


Wednesday Briefing - behaviorXproduct (BXP)

Just got over with the Diwali weekend in India. Diwali is one of the biggest Indian festivals with lots of celebrations, light and of course... sweets! ☺️


Friday Insights - behaviorXproduct

You can check out all the past issues here: Link to access the past issues


Wednesday Briefing - behaviorXproduct

Missing airport lounges...


October Recap of behaviorXproduct (from Seeking North)

Hello!A warm welcome to the Monthly Reader Update. Let's look at how things worked out (or did not work out) in OctoberIf this is the first time you are getting this Monthly Reader Update, it is like a monthly investor update that founders send to their inves…


Your Selected Reads - behaviorXproduct

Samuel Salzer, who runs the incredible newsletter Habit Weekly, introduced the inaugural Habit Weekly Awards last week to mark the 2nd birthday of his newsletter and to celebrate all the wonderful content creators who make our field better.Thousands of people…


Your Selected Reads - behaviorXproduct

Every issue of the newsletter has a link to get your feedback on how much are you liking (disliking) behaviorXproduct and what can I do better.Quite stoked to share that over 80% of readers find the newsletter useful most of the times. So I guess I am doing s…


Your Selected Reads - behaviorXproduct

Do you think James is a better life partner for you because you tend to see him at every single party on campus though his personality traits aren't fully aligned with yours?We have a bias towards liking things with which we are more familiar. More in today's…


Your Selected Reads - behaviorXproduct

Each Be Short provides insights deep enough to understand the concept but crisp enough to fit on a smartphone screen. Here are the two Be Shorts of this week.Extreme Seeking - When you have many options and don't pick the middle option but the best or the wor…


Your Selected Reads - behaviorXproduct

We look at 2 Be Shorts this week - Representativeness Heuristic and Survivorship Bias. Pro tip: You can click on the image to save it on your device.